Welcome to the Teletext Archive!

This site aims to be a depository for archive teletext services from around the world to be stored for research purposes. Its ambition is to make the uploading of teletext services as simple and quick as possible. And to be able to play Bamboozle.

We currently have 2,241 teletext service snapshots uploaded, containing a total of 2,018,020 pages available to view.


Forthcoming features:

Use of assets.

This website is © Jason Robertson. The teletext pages, information and graphics are © the respective broadcasters. The recovered data is courtesy of the respective recoverers. The rendered graphics are © The Teletext Archive but can be used freely provided that you attribute them to the recoverer: credit to the page restorer (if applicable) and a link to archive.teletextarchaeologist.org would be appreciated :-) Tag @grim_fandango on Twitter and more often than not I'll retweet!

Change log.

09/04/2023: Alistair Buxton reworked his scanlines CSS code for the site so that HTML rendered pages now have that authentic CRT scan lines look. The site's slower sections were hand-optimised the site to speed it up. It turns out it was the database queries taking the time and not the rendering as I'd assumed.

01/04/2023: Migrated to .NET Core 6 and a FOSS database to escape SQL Server's 10GB limit; home page has had a facelift; text search is now filterable by other fields; Fastext links are now clickable

28/10/2022: New features: bulk upload of T42 files and bulk processing to speed up service imports

05/08/2021: References to other pages on a page are now clickable

29/07/2021: List screen now shows index page rendered in thorough; page selector added to service page list screen

28/07/2021: Presentation Level now taken into account by thorough rendering, so 1975 and alpha black are now displayed correctly

06/06/2021: Various bugs fixed mainly to do with background colours

04/06/2021: Page rendering now uses the same engine as the WinForms version. Now supports reveal and flash in native HTML and CSS. National options are temporarily removed. Full renders are still available by adding ?mode=exact to the page URL. Dodgy page up and down feature now fixed. 'aria' tags added to graphics so hopefully screen readers should ignore them.

21/05/2021: Page rendering now uses HTML and CSS, which is about 4 times faster. It is still a work in progress, but it will render most pages perfectly.

14/05/2021: When opening a page, it should always now start at page 1 in the carousel

09/05/2021: Separated the navigation links for pages and subpages; page rendering should be faster. It is now not possible to cheat at Bamboozle :-)

19/08/2020: Converted the text search to use free text indexing, it's considerably faster.

12/08/2020: Prolific, veteran recoverers can process their own T42s; more filtering on service searches added

04/08/2020: Accounts now need to be email verified; there is now a process for forgotten passwords

13/06/2020: Uploads opened up to all teletext recoverers

31/05/2020: Service T42s can be replaced; some validation added to service create. Images should save as PNG on Firefox if there are no flash attributes on the page.

25/05/2020: Recoverers can now edit their own services. Added service size to services list

24/05/2020: Fixed support for national options; magazine 0, whilst technically correct, now displayed as magazine 8; various bugs in service editing squashed.

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